Short Film Review: CANDY SKIN. By Stephen Harper.

Candy Skin

Review by – Stephen Harper

©copyright 2017 folkloreart
When we reference visceral horror or body horror, without doubt one director is the ultimate king, David Cronenberg. He’s a true pioneer of the genre and never has a body decayed more on film than Jeff Goldblum’s in the masterpiece that is The Fly. It’s the practical effects that were so impressive and an obvious influence to the new short film Candy Skin by director Kyle Martellacci. Not only does he play homage to the fantastic use of practical effects that we enjoyed in abundance back in the 80’s, but he also embodies a Cronebergian atmosphere that seems like a slight nod to his early work such as Videodrome, Naked Lunch and of course The Fly.
Candy Skin centres on David (Renny Jachowicz) who is suffering some kind of serious illness and is prescribed to take medication in the form of eye drops. Once taken David slips off to sleep, upon awakening things start to get all sorts of bat-shit crazy and that is if he has truly woken up, which is still debatable?
Candy Skin plays out like a sick dream where all your worst fears and nightmares unfold. Nothing really makes sense at all and that’s ok, I don’t think that was really the director’s intention anyways. David goes from one weird scenario to another where he’s initially the last man on earth to suddenly being chased by dead people or zombies or something? I honestly don’t know if I’m being truthfully honest. What I do know is I kind of dig it. The weirdness drew me in and even though things got confusing I found myself engrossed. 

Without doubt the best thing about Candy Skin are the practical effects which are very cool and mixed with a baddass synth soundtrack there’s so much to like here. It’s fantastically shot, edited and anyone who’s mind is so messed up to think of this shit and put it on screen, I’m a fan of!

Candy Skin reviewed by Stephen Harper for The Slaughtered Bird website 16/3/2017 ©copyright folkloreart


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