Welcome to ’75 Damnation Avenue’ an address were you’ll find various film, TV & comic reviews and news relating to the film industry. This isn’t an up to date source of entertainment news, more of what takes my interest on a weekly basis and hopefully yours too? It will cover many genres and I’ll also delve into other mediums such as the arts and music, which I have a keen interest in.

I won’t just be reviewing,  I’ll also be using this blog for Reflection. Reflecting on own my personal experiences, life topics and things that cause me to discuss, question and debate.

I’ve been a published movie & comic reviewer for around 4 years, but obviously I’ve been discussing and debating film all my life. I currently review and conduct interviews for various leading  film and horror websites including Popcorn Horror, The Slaughtered Bird, Attack from Planet B and Video Views. I contribute to Popcorn Horror’s bi-monthly magazine and also contributed other articles and artwork that has been published in fanzines such as Frisson Comics and at conventions for Dammaged Comics.

I have a lot of experience of indie film blogs & websites as I co-founded The Slaughtered Bird horror website in 2013 and was co-editor for 3 years.  I was involved in various festivals & conventions such as DeadCon, The Liverpool Horror Fest & HorrorCon UK.

As well as writing reviews I’m a keen artist and like to illustrate, use photography and tattoo. I’m currently in the early stages of collaborating with author Craig Jex and artist Rik Jackson on a new anthology comic adaption of Jex’s Grave Tales novel, which I’m extremely excited about and I’m working on a new illustrated book based around mental health.

All the reviews and interviews I contribute to websites and magazines will be found within this blog and over the coming months I’ll be trying to accumulate the numerous reviews & interviews I’ve written and conducted over the years and have them available all from this one address.

If you wish to contact me regarding reviewing your project, interview, promotion, artwork or just discussion in general, please don’t hesitate to contact via Twitter @75damnationave
or via Instagram: stephen_peter_harper